How, When and Why Childbirth Education Class Series

This course was designed and written by ProDoula to give you all the tools and information woman and couples need for the labor and birth process. The class is informative and  provides nonjudgemental support for the birth you’re seeking. There is no method to learn but rather a practical approach to childbirth. Topics covered include staying comfortable in late pregnancy, medical interventions, writing a birth plan, comfort measures and more!

1. Class One: First Stage of Labor

Congratulations! You’re having a baby! We’ll start by taking about pregnancy goals and fears as well as pregnancy discomforts. We’ll also talk about medical pain relief and non-medical pain relief as well as comfort measures. The breakdown of labor signs and early and active first stage of labor will be discussed in detail.

2. Class Two: Second Stage of Labor

This class will be a continuation of class two as we continue to discuss the first stage of labor (early and active) and second stage of labor (pushing). What to expect and how to get through it will be thoroughly talked about and practiced! 

3. Class Three: Third Stage of Labor

You’ve had the baby! Yay! Now what? Third stage of labor (delivering the placenta) and what to expect afterwards. This class discusses both vaginal births and cesarean births and what recovery from each of them looks like.

4. Class Four: Interventions and Informed Consent

 We’ll discuss labor plans, informed consent and the most often used interventions during childbirth.  You’ll learn how to be your own advocate in the birth room. This class will also cover birth plans, what to include and not include, and packing for your hospital stay.