Natural Childbirth Class

Thursdays, 7-9pm at GW Hospital 


Allow natural childbirth to unfold beautifully in the hospital setting. This course will teach expectant parents physical and emotional signposts of labor, comfort measures, birth options for both normal birth and for unexpected situations and many birth positions that promote natural childbirth. Participants will gain confidence in the birth process through careful preparation. Partners are encouraged to attend.

For more information abut registering and payment, please go to The Breastfeeding Center website

Private Childbirth Classes - Preparing for Childbirth

Four hour class

Preparing for Childbirth is an interactive 4 hour  class that focuses on assisting moms and their partners in preparing for their labor and birth experience. Topics include:

- The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor
- What to expect during the first, second and third stages of labor
- How your partner can provide the best support
- Comfort techniques during early and active labor
- Pushing effectively
- Pain medications and interventions
- Common complications
- C-section basics
- Postpartum recovery and what to expect
- Feeding basics for both nursing and bottle feeding

The class can be split into two meetings or one. To discuss scheduling, contact